With the aim of creating a glitch in the existing perception and systems, Wangan seeks for excellence.


Wangan is an Istanbul based design studio led by Kerem Özerler, Kutay Yorulmaz and Mert Can Uzyıldırım. Established in 2016, the studio creates projects across architecture, interiors, product design, brand identity and food & beverage experiences. Studio has been serving global corporations such as Unilever, TAIS, Sedef Shipyard and Magnum with projects spanning over different countries.

Focused on human experience and needs, Wangan has an innovative, witty and prominent touch to its projects. Through its holistic design thinking and methodology, Wangan does not only celebrate the value of multi-dimensional process, but also engages the interaction between contents of a brand, aesthetic, and product by addressing a wide variety of personal, social and business challenges in creative new ways.

With the aim of "innovating" in the existing system, Wangan seeks creative endeavours to break out of traditional pursuit with its unique mind-set, a way of thinking and a proactive approach of finding new solutions.