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İstanbul / 2017


Client Akçelik

Area 140 sqm

Design Wangan

Location İstanbul, Turkey

Photography Ömer Uzun

In Iron and Steel Industry one of the most prominent companies of Turkey, Akcelik’s new executive office situates in Cengelkoy, at the Asia Shore of Istanbul. The design and application management of the office located in the dock floor of Baha Bey Mansion, which has been re-built at the beginning of 1940’s and is one of the first mansions of Bosphorus, are made by Wangan.

The main functional spaces of the office expanding 140 square meter areas are the executive and meeting rooms. The architectural concept of the executive room and the meeting room located at the office’s sea direction is designed by creating new linear surfaces. Of the layers designed especially for this project by Wangan, whilst the blue layer close to the current carrier system refers to Bosphorus where the mansion is placed, the second layer surrounding the interior space, with its metal details, recalls iron and steel industry, the sector of the project owner.

Executive table (Cross Table), sofa (Gerber Sofa), coffee table (Capsul), meeting table (Capsul Table) and pendant lighting (Rubik’s Lamp) used in the project are from Wangan’s product series.