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İstanbul / 2017


Client Unilever / Magnum

Year 2017

Area 370 sqm

Design Wangan

Photography Emre Dörter

Magnum, one of the sub-brands of Netherlands-based Unilever which is one of the earliest global establishments of the world and operates in 190 countries, every year opens pop-up concept stores named Magnum Pleasure Store at the significant points of cosmopolitan cities to let its consumers live the experience of creating their own Magnums.

New concept design and fitout works of Magnum Pleasure Store İstanbul which is located at the one of the busiest and central locations of İstanbul; Bağdat Avenue is made by Wangan.

The broad concept of the store is designed upon Magnum‘s passion, pleasure, gold and freedom themes. Exotic landscape elements and natural materials are used in the exterior to create a spacious and free escape spot contradiction to the tight and concrete formation of the city. Inside of the store in which milk, chocolate and gold tones are used, there is an Magnum bar and a coffee bar which was added to the store concept in 2017. One of the most important design elements is the golden chocolate drops installation which covers the ceiling of the interior. The installation that includes 2229 golden drops, exposes the delight and pleasure themes.

In the store, where many details and products are manufactured specially for the new concept, the loose furnitures in use are Wangan’s Punto Armchair and Punto Sofa.