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Ankara / 2018


Client PS Group

Year 2018

Area 490 sqm

Design Wangan

Nikkei cuisine was emerged by the interaction of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines after the migration of 790 Japanese farmers to Peru at the late 19th century. Nikkei cuisine, which has become widespread all over the world over time is the creator of many world-famous dishes such as “ceviche”.

Miyako will be located at the one of the most prestigious locations of Ankara, Atakule mall – which rebuilt in 2018, and is the first Nikkei restaurant in Ankara. The interior design, product design, branding and experience design works of the restaurant which has an area of 490 square meters are done by Wangan. Miyako, whose interior is designed with a Japanese-Peruvian composition approach, makes South American connotations with the use of patterns, materials and artworks while making direct references to Japanese forms. The main materials that stand out in the interior are the wooden knitting in Japanese forms surrounding the spaces and stone surfaces left in natural rock forms.

All furnitures used in the project were specially designed by Wangan for Miyako.