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İstanbul / 2016


Client Anjer Hotel

Area 200 sqm

Design Wangan

Location İstanbul, Turkey

Appeteat joined to food and beverage industry to become a chain cafe-brasserie brand in 2016. The brands architectural concept and it ‘s first branch which is located at Kabataş, İstanbul are designed by Wangan.

One of the most dominant elements of the concept which also holds Art Deco influences and resembling Wes Anderson’s movie scenes, is the yellow tone, which also became brand’s corporate color, welcoming customers in the front and on the interior main wall. The seating units of the concept, which is created especially for the brand from built-in furniture to wallpaper, are also designed to provide a comfortable environment. In the architectural concept organized for the brand’s cozy business strategy; landscape elements and pastel color tones are given prominence.

Punto Armchair and Punto Sofa used in the concept are from Wangan’s product series.